C3SR Minsky Machines

9/27/2017 One-minute read

I manage the two Minsky machines available to the C3SR center at Illinois.

Minsky Machine Overview

Product IBM S822LC
Model 8335-GTB
CPU 2x Power8
GPU 4x NVIDIA P100 w/ 16GB RAM
RAM 512 GB

Each P8 CPU has 10 cores with 8-way SMT, yielding 80 threads per CPU or 160 threads on each Minsky machine.

Each CPU is connected to two NVIDIA P100s by two NVLinks each. Those two P100s are also connected by two NVLinks. The machine is a pair of these CPU-GPU-GPU triangles, connected at the CPUs by an IBM X bus.


Minsky1 may be accessed at minsky1-1.csl.illinois.edu

Minsky2 may be accessed at minsky2-1.csl.illinois.edu or minsky2-2.csl.illinois.edu.

Both machines are behind the UIUC firewall. You will need to be on the UIUC network (either on-campus or through VPN) to access the machines.